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ProMAX - Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction

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Together with Specialist Prosthodontist Dr Ben Sellick, Dr Khouri leads ProMAX- a unique dental and medical specialist-led dental implant clinic in South Australia.

ProMAX was established to meet the needs of those patients seeking a complete solution for restoration of their dentition (a full mouth implant reconstruction), in the absence of any other specialist-led clinic in the state.

Dr Ben Sellick and Dr Khouri lead the multidisciplinary team and have set up this Oral Surgical and Prosthodontic Specialist practice that deals with advanced oral and dental reconstructions to recreate excellent long-term aesthetic, functional, low-maintenance and affordable dento-facial cosmetic reconstructions.

There are multiple non-specialist clinics advertising on social media and offering this advanced treatment. However, the best short-term, interim and long-term results are obtained when medical surgical specialists combine with dental specialists, to carry out the planning and execute the treatment.

Our staff at would be pleased to organise an initial consultation- mention the ProMAX clinic when booking your consultation. To commence this process we require a referral from a dentist or a doctor and a screening x-ray.

A dental surgeon

You will be seen for a thorough history, examination and an assessment of your specific individual requirements. A unique and tailored treatment plan is developed and presented to you, encompassing all aspects of your care. We provide a personal approach, with tailored individual outcomes that go beyond a one-size fits all protocol.

This type of treatment can be costly; and therefore like any investment, it is important your treatment is planned and carried out meticulously the first time to avoid expensive errors.

We encourage all patients considering full mouth implant restoration or any type of dental implant rehabilitation to carry out due diligence; researching the surgical and/or prosthodontic training, clinical experience and specialist qualifications of the respective practitioners you might be considering to manage your treatment.

We look forward to meeting you. Zahi and Ben

The Adelaide MaxFax team is here to assist you at all times. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding an upcoming procedure, please reach out to us without hesitation.

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76 Kensington Road, Rose Park, SA 5067

Phone: (08) 8332 1566
Fax: (08) 8364 2890
Email: [email protected]

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm

Parking and access

Patient parking is conveniently located behind the surgery, accessible via Winchester Lane. The main entrance for patients is situated at the front of the building, while disabled access is available behind the surgery.